Capital Mobilization Initiatives

Goal: To apply capital on a transformative scale to investments across all energy sectors in Vermont through innovative public/private partnerships.

The focus of EAN’s Capital Mobilization work group has been our “Clean Energy Finance Initiative” (CEFI). In close partnership with the Coalition for Green Capital and State agencies, EAN convened CEFI to conduct a market assessment and develop specific finance strategies to build markets and drive Vermont’s energy transformation. The CEFI Steering Committee includes the Public Service Department (PSD), Agency of Commerce and Community Development, the State Treasurer, Clean Energy Development Fund, Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA), VT/NH USDA, Efficiency Vermont, Department of Financial Regulation, and the High Meadows Fund.

The centerpiece outcome of EAN’s CEFI is the successful formation of a new Vermont Clean Energy Finance Collaborative, led by the PSD in partnership with existing Vermont institutions. The purpose of the Collaborative is to expand clean energy markets through public/private financing partnerships.