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Automatic Community Selection

We’ve implemented a new benefit for registered Dashboard users.  Registered users will automatically be no longer have to select their community using the map or list of towns. Instead, when MY COMMUNITY is clicked, registered users will immediately be forwarded …
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Upgraded Story Templated

UPGRADED STORY TEMPLATE Many of you asked for story submissions to be easier and more automatic.  The story upload page now matches our offline template.   Please use this form to submit stories.

Offline Versions of Energy Action Checklists Now Available

Offline Versions of Full Action Checklists Your feedback indicated a need for a downloadable version of the complete checklists provided in the Actions section of the Dashboard so that users could see the whole range of options available to them.  …
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Dashboard Introduction Webinar

New to the Dashboard? Watch Our Dashboard Introduction Webinar The Dashboard is packed full of great tools and information, but we know it’s a bit daunting. Take a tour the Dashboard led by on our team experts.

Community Energy Dashboard Update – Feb 2016

Community Energy Dashboard Outreach Update – Feb 2016 Targeted Town Support: Over 30 Energy Committees (ECs) across Vermont are receiving targeted support using the Dashboard to achieve their local energy goals. Another 15 are on the waiting list. Surveys of participants …
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One-Page Total Energy Checklist

ONE-PAGE ENERGY ACTION HANDOUT FOR RESIDENTS AND FOR MUNICIPALITIES. We created a summary checklist found under “Municipal Tools” in the 90 by 2050 section of the Dashboard.  The actions range from “No-Cost” to “High-Impact” across all three energy sectors to engage every …
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Brighter Vermont Facebook Page Transitions to Community Energy Dashboard

Brighter Vermont Facebook Page Transitions to Community Energy Dashboard In an effort to focus efforts on the Community Energy Dashboard, EAN is changing the focus of the Brighter Vermont Facebook page to the Community Energy Dashboard. The page will still …
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Dashboard Featured at Regional Events

Outreach: The Dashboard was featured at several venues: VECAN conference (Dec. 3), VELCO staff and leadership (Dec 8), Leadership Champlain Conference (Nov 15), and the VLCT Fall Planning and Zoning Conference (Nov 2)

User Guide: Navigating the Home Page

Register or Log In Click to create a Dashboard account or to log in. Logging in enables you to add your own energy actions or sites to the Dashboard. Once you’ve logged in, you will see “My Account” appear here. …
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Registering for the Dashboard

REGISTER (If you are new to the Dashboard) Fill in Basic Information. The Dashboard is designed to learn from each other locally, and encourages crowdsourcing of energy actions. Your email will not be shared or sold to third parties. Contacting …
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