Community Energy Dashboard

Vermont Community Energy DashboardThe Dashboard is now live! All towns in Vermont can now use the Dashboard for their energy efforts and planning.

Click here to visit the Community Energy Dashboard.

Designed to help translate Vermont’s goal of 90% by 2050 into achievable local action, the Dashboard contains critical energy information across all energy sectors – efficiency, heat, electricity and transportation –  tailored to each and every community in Vermont.

The Dashboard is designed to help every community in Vermont engage in shaping its energy future at the local level. It provides a powerful suite of interactive tools to set goals, track progress, map actions, share stories, and hear from trusted neighbors.

Towns across Vermont are asking for concrete ways, based on transparent information, to make clean energy and efficiency choices at the local level, and to accelerate action by learning from their neighbors.

For the first time, communities will have free and open access to official data, maps and information that have never before been made available at the town level. The data will be updated regularly in partnership with utilities and the Department of Public Service.

Municipalities, businesses, farms, schools, institutions, individuals, energy committees…everyone!


    • Timeline: Track your community’s progress each year towards meeting 90% of local energy needs through efficiency and renewables by 2050.
    • Campaigns: Energy campaigns help generate concrete action on the ground by mobilizing communities around energy goals.
    • Actions: Add your individual, business, municipal, school and farm actions through fun tiles and watch collective impact build in your community.
    • Pledges: Pledge via a campaign to take energy actions as your home, business farm or in your community. The Dashboard will occasionally remind you of what you have pledged.
    • Energy Atlas: See where your town’s existing renewable energy generation is happening, who installed it, and identify new potential sites based on environmental resources and constraints.
    • Statistics: Track local renewable energy production data, see how you rank against other towns, crowdsource data on efficiency projects
    • Stories: Learn from your local “Energy Heroes”, neighbors and friends who are taking action, and inspire others to do the same
    • Analysis: Keep track of and share your key local energy data and analyses. Reach a broader audience and help other towns avoid reinventing the wheel.
    • Resources: Links to important resources, energy information and partners to help towns accelerate their progress towards a sustainable energy future!

    The Dashboard’s user-friendly format is designed to reach those who are motivated by data as well as those who want to hear stories from trusted neighbors.  It is a one-stop shop to keep track of our actions, learn from each other and to measure our collective impact toward building a more sustainable energy future.

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    EAN’s 2017 Annual Report

    Our annual report is live! This report contains a wealth of data on our progress towards our energy and climate goals.

    Read the press release and download our 2017 Annual Report.

    EAN 2017 Annual Report - Business as Usual

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