90% by 2050


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Meeting 90% of Vermont’s energy needs from renewable energy and increased efficiency by the year 2050. This goal targets all energy sectors:

– Heat
– Electric
– Transportation
– Efficiency

Is 90% by 2050 even possible?

YES! Although ambitious, we can achieve this goal with existing knowledge and available technology.

What types of changes would be need to happen?

– Weatherizing buildings and implementing aggressive efficiency strategies;
– Building more hydro, solar and wind power installations of all sizes;
– Increasing the average “miles per gallon” rating for our vehicle fleet and decreasing the average         “annual miles traveled” per vehicle;
– Transitioning from gasoline to electric vehicles;
– Developing transportation systems that rely less on single occupancy vehicles;

And more… We need to do as much as we can do as quickly as possible!

How much would it cost?

That depends on the specific scenario. EAN’s Board Chair, Leigh Seddon, developed and researched one scenario that would get us to 90% by 2050: The investment will be over $30 million but will save Vermonters more than that amount. Details of this scenario are available in the following documents: Mobilizing Capital to Transform Vermont’s Energy/Economy and 90×2050 Pathways.

Why bother?

Our dependence on fossil fuels is not sustainable. Some of factors impacted by this dependence include:

– Energy Security  We are dependent on foreign sources for much of our supply of fossil fuels,              especially oil from the Middle East.
– Economic Stability  The cost of fossil fuels impacts all aspects of our economy, yet it is not really        within our control.
– Foreign Policy  Our dependence on fossil fuels has put a strain on international relations.
– Environmental Sustainability Extracting, transporting and burning fossil fuels is polluting our planet    and changing our climate.

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