My Account

MY ACCOUNT (If you are already registered)

  1. Account:
    • After logging in, click My Account in the upper right-hand of the website. This is where you enter information about yourself, including a Profile Image that will show up with any Energy Actions that you take (no obligation!).
    • This information will not be shared outside of the Dashboard and you can choose to keep your name to your first name.
  2. Actions:
    • This is where you can see all of the Energy Actions you have entered in the Actions section.
    • You can also edit existing actions or add new ones. Note: Actions will not appear on the Energy Atlas unless you choose to enter them as a site.
  1. Sites
    • This is where you can see all of the energy efficiency and/or renewable energy actions that you have entered at your location(s). You may add another location under your name (e.g., residence, farm and business).
    • If you have entered more than one location under your name (e.g., residence and business), they will both show up here so you can keep track.
    • You may also delete and edit your sites in this section.
  1. Saved Maps
    • This is where you view any maps you have saved from the Atlas
    • You may also edit these maps and then resave the changes.
    • You may also delete maps in this section.

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