Progress Timeline


This Progress Timeline illustrates where your community energy use is currently (with most recent official data), and where it needs to go to help reach Vermont’s goal of meeting 90% of our energy needs through efficiency and renewable energy by 2050.

  1. The green area highlights what will need to come from Efficiency to reach that goal.
  2. The thin solid black line indicates actual energy use. We currently only have 2015 data.  This will be updated each year.
  3. The Timeline indicates what the renewable/non-renewable mix looks like in the Milestone Year of 2025.
  4. If you click on each year in the timeline, you will see how the renewable/nonrenewable mix changes in the accompanying Pie Charts below across all three energy sectors (heat, electricity, and transportation).
  5. You can see how MMBTUs translates into regular use concepts in the Did You Know
  6. You can Download these graphs and pie charts for use in reports by clicking on the cloud icon.
  7. If you want to know more about how the projections in the timeline were calculated, you can download the “Dashboard Data Sources, Assumptions, and Methodology” document.


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