EAN/Middlebury “Energy and Equity” Projects

EAN and Middlebury College students engaged in a semester long project that looked at low income Vermont energy programs and the creation of infographics to educate Vermonters on all three energy sectors. 

  • Group 1: Lessons in reaching reach lower-income Vermonters
    • Selected four Vermont energy programs that are reaching lower income Vermonters, and to identify areas of effectiveness and challenges.
    • Researched 6 relevant out-of-state programs to see if lessons could be drawn from them to strengthen Vermont’s efforts at bringing the benefits of our energy transition to more Vermonters.
  • Group 2: Visualizing and communicating energy actions
    • Develop infographics that effectively communicate the benefits of different energy choices to the average person across all three energy sectors (electricity, heat, transportation)
    • Research and test “energy financial calculators” available online to determine how user-friendly they are and how effectively they help average consumers make energy choices.

Students presented work to Network members on May 9, 2017 (click on links below).  Final written reports will be available shortly.