Sales tax exemption for wood and efficient fuel heating equipment

By EANVT  |  November 13, 2017  |  2017EANConvening,Pitches

Pitch Summary:

Offer a 100% sales tax exemption for qualifying new residential automated biomass heating systems, pellet boilers and stoves, chunk wood boilers and stoves, and
efficient fossil fuel boilers and furnaces. Pay for the tax exemption for biomass using CEDF funds and for fossil fuel equipment by applying a surcharge on the sale of any new
inefficient (less than ENERGY STAR) fossil fuel based heating system. All existing and new funds are maintained and administered by the Vermont Department of Taxes.

Submitted by: Richard Faesy & Dan Mellinger, Energy Futures Group

EAN Pitch 20 - EFG #1 Heating Equip Sales Tax Exemption.output
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