Transforming Vermont’s Energy and Economy

By EANVT  |  November 14, 2017  |  2017EANConvening,Pitches

Pitch Summary:

Vermont has the tools, foundation, and resources already in place to jumpstart our economy and transform our energy system. The key is to repurpose Efficiency
Vermont, such that it is no longer focused primarily on the delivery of energy savings – but
also on building the infrastructure (trained workers, leading edge technologies, and a
statewide network, all while supporting middle and low income Vermonters) to spur
increased private market investment, and create new business opportunities across the
energy sector. This proposal relies on regulatory and statutory changes, but requires no
new funding, and will create opportunities to leverage additional capital into the state –
helping further progress toward energy and climate goals, and solidifying Vermont’s
national reputation as an energy innovator.

Submitted by:  Rebecca Foster, VEIC

EAN Pitch 41- Rebecca Foster - EVT - Market Transformation
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