EAN 2024 Summit Strategic Information Sharing – RFP

What do you wish the EAN Network knew NOW to help Vermont meet our greenhouse gas emission reduction requirements in ways that will create a more just, thriving, and sustainable future?

Is there data or information that needs to be more centrally a part of the energy and climate conversation in Vermont?


Is there a policy, program, or approach that the EAN Network needs to know more about?

∗ New this year, EAN welcomes short strategic information sharing presentations at the EAN 2024 Summit, especially on the topics of transportation sector advances, thermal sector advances, public engagement, and getting the work done (workforce, housing, etc.) We will welcome several speakers to give short informational presentations, and then lead breakout groups on their topics. Speakers will have the opportunity to:

  • Give a very short, 5 minute presentation to the entire summit (125-175 people expected)
  • Lead a 20-25 minute small group discussion on your topic during table conversation breakout sessions.

Interested? Please fill in the short proposal form by August 23, 2024. You will hear back if your proposal is accepted by early September and will get support in crafting your short message and your breakout session.

Submit proposal online (google form)


2024 Strategic Information Presentation Proposal form (word document download)



What Happened to the EAN Pitch Process?

For this year’s summit, we will be trying a new approach designed to allow for more discussion of ideas in an interactive format.  This change recognizes that a lot has changed in Vermont since EAN started hosting pitches at our Summits in 2017, including having a Climate Action Plan, which has made it clearer where the gaps are in the policy and program landscape.

Can I speak for more than 5 minutes?

Other than one keynote address, we will have a strict 5 minute per speaker policy. This will allow us to hear from many different voices at the summit, and still have time for all participants to dive into discussions on a number of topics during the day.  

What about Network Action Teams?

Existing Network Action teams will also be invited to give a 5-minute information presentation. 

Will EAN support new Network Action Teams or coalitions?

We certainly hope so!  EAN will make it possible for groups of members who want to work together on a specific topic with EAN support to do so.  The process will be less formal than the old pitch process, but if at least 3 member organizations are interested in a topic and they feel EAN would be helpful in supporting progress, EAN will help to coordinate conversations which could lead to new Action Teams or coalitions.  EAN continues to be committed to offering core support for multi-stakeholder member initiatives that may not otherwise happen.

How do I submit my proposal?

You can submit your proposal on the Google form or you can download the 2024 Strategic Information Presentation Proposal form (docx.) and send it to Cara (crobechek@eanvt.org).  Either way the deadline is August 23.