“Energy and Equity” Projects

“Energy & Equity” is the theme of a collaboration between EAN and Middlebury’s Senior Environmental Studies Seminar:

  • Lessons in reaching lower-income Vermonters: project includes i ) Case studies on 4 leading Vermont energy equity programs (EAN member organizations); and ii) Lessons from 6 relevant out-of-state programs to potentially strengthen Vermont’s efforts at bringing the benefits of our energy transition to more Vermonters.
  • Visualizing and communicating energy actions: Project focuses on i) Developing effective infographics to communicate the benefits of different energy choices to the average person across all three energy sectors (electricity, heat, transportation); and ii) Researching “energy financial calculators” available online to test effectiveness in helping average consumers make energy choices across all energy sectors.
Students presented work to Network members on May 9 (click on links below).  Final written reports will be available next month.