Network Initiatives

The 4 Leverage Point Work Groups

Transforming Vermont’s energy systems to one based on efficiency and renewables will require a major paradigm shift. Through the systems mapping process, EAN founders identified the key “leverage points” needed to catalyze this transformation.

These four leverage points form the backbone of EAN’s structure and the focus of our work groups.

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Goal: To apply capital on a transformative scale to investments across all energy sectors in Vermont through innovative public/private partnerships.


Goal: To “move the middle” so Vermonters understand that clean energy is necessary, achievable and critical to Vermont’s economy, environment and values.


Goal: To utilize new technologies to drive on-the-ground transformation of Vermont’s energy infrastructure to a system based on efficiency and renewables.


Goal: To provide support, analysis and feedback towards a policy framework that supports the State’s energy goals across all energy sectors to reaching 90% by 2050.