Vermont Energy Future Initiative

The Vermont Energy Future Initiative was a diverse, multi-sectoral group of leaders convened by the Energy Action Network beginning July 2018. The shared goal of all Initiative members was to develop ideas and advance actions that could make significant progress towards meeting Vermont’s 2025 total energy and emissions reduction commitments while creating a more just, thriving, and sustainable future for Vermonters. It was this concept that molded into future Network Action Teams. While this Initiative is now inactive, EAN is proud of the motivation and style of conversation that it encouraged.

Our indicators of progress included:

  • Significant reductions in fossil fuel use and carbon pollution from energy
  • Substantial increases in the share of our energy needs met via efficiency and renewables and the number of clean energy jobs in Vermont
  • Vermonters who are energy-secure and resilient
  • A s
  • tronger and more just Vermont economy
  • An energy landscape that both benefits from and protects our natural resources and working lands.