2021 Pitches to EAN

Vermont has a major moral imperative, economic opportunity, and legal requirement to achieve our 2025, 2030, and 2050 energy and GHG emissions reduction commitments in ways that “create a more just, thriving, and sustainable future” for Vermonters.  That is why EAN seeks pitches annually for promising opportunities to help Vermont rapidly, cost-effectively, and equitably reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas pollution.  This year three pitches were selected to receive facilitation support from EAN staff and seed funding of up to $15,000.  Two other pitches were offered EAN staff consultations and seed funding of up to $5,000.

In all, 17 pitches were submitted to EAN in 2021.  A pitch selection committee chose 7 of those to present at the EAN Summit.  Summit participants voted on the pitches, and then in a second round all Network Members and Public Partners were invited to vote The results from those votes guided the final confirmation by the EAN Board.  

Pitches Selected to Create Full Network Action Teams

These were the top 3 pitches at every stage of Voting. Each will receive support from EAN staff to create a Network Action Team working on this concept, and a budget of up to $15,000.

Building Vermont’s Climate Workforce to Achieve Vermont’s GHG Emission Reduction Goals
Developing a Plan for Effective and Equitable Investment of Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) Revenue in Vermont
Comprehensive Fossil Fuel Equipment Change Out

Pitches offered EAN Support

These pitches were the 4th and 5th choice of the Network, and have been offered a reduced level of support from EAN staff, and funding of up to $5000.

Clean Transportation Standard
VT Sustainable & Equitable School Transportation Program

Additional Pitches to the Network

These pitches were not selected by the Network this year, but are welcome to revise and resubmit next year.

A Coordinated Approach to Rural Electrification
Polling to Support Effective Policy Options and Attractive Consumer Choices

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