Transportation Cap & Invest Pitch 2022


This pitch focuses on the potential transformative opportunity for cap-and-invest in the transportation sector and identifying the necessary conditions to establish (or join) a regional program to reduce emissions from Vermont’s transportation sector and generate revenue to spur needed investment in more equitable transportation programs and opportunities in Vermont. Three areas are identified as crucial to success: a focus on transportation equity, enhanced greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting, and effective public outreach/communication. This pitch will build off the work of the Clean Transportation Equity Network Action Team, the lessons learned from the TCI experience, and the examples of other successful cap and invest programs in transportation to identify what it would take to spur the adoption of a program in Vermont that can reduce emissions at the rate needed to meet our legal requirements under the Global Warming Solutions Act AND to create a dedicated funding stream for transportation equity.

Pitch + Summit Q&A

Presented by

  • Jordan Giaconnia, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility
  • Sue Minter, Capstone Community Action
  • Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur, VEIC
  • Representative Becca White