Technology Innovation Initiatives


Goal: To utilize new technologies to drive on-the-ground transformation of Vermont’s energy infrastructure to a system based on efficiency and renewables.


Community Energy Dashboard: EAN members and partners developed a first-in-its-class Community Energy Dashboard to provide user-friendly tools to help regions, counties and towns throughout Vermont meet 90% of their energy needs through efficiency and renewables by 2050. The website was launched in Fall of 2016, and over 40 towns are already using it to help drive local action towards a sustainable energy future. 

Net Zero Montpelier (NZM) is a defining feature of Montpelier’s future – to become the first state capital in the nation to produce or offset all of its energy needs from renewable energy sources by 2030.

This fast-paced effort originated through a partnership between the City of Montpelier, the Montpelier Energy Advisory Committee (MEAC), and EAN and as an immediate, practical opportunity to harness all four leverage points identified by EAN – capital mobilization, public engagement, regulatory reform, and technology innovation.