Pitch Summary:

BCWG has been established at UVM to focus on improving quantitative understanding of the processes governing the release of biologically-generated gases from natural and engineered systems. The working group will be established by the four founding members (Holmén, Danks, Risk, Osborne) and broadened to create an interdisciplinary technical group at UVM that is knowledgeable on gas emissions, their measurement, and the
needs in diverse application areas to enable the BCWG to both advance current GHG emissions research and contribute to industry needs for biogas leak detection. Also, Sensor Capability at UVM will be developed by completing a pilot study on biogas/biomethane detection (both gas differentiation and sensor miniaturization)
utilizing mobile sensing technology developed by Professor David Risk (StFX). By first developing the basic capability at UVM to deploy the StFX equipment locally in a pilot project, BCWG will strengthen the team’s biogas sensing and data analysis/validation skillset for broader future application of the technology. Finally, BCWG CrossTraining/Fertilization on Biogas Research Needs will be carried out. Initial work conducted over a 2-year period will involve training and participation of various interdisciplinary groups within UVM active in biogas-related research (agriculture, animal science, community development, engineering, natural resources and sustainability) to gain technical knowledge, application area insight/perspective, and develop a broad foundation of expertise on biogas related problems and research needs/approaches. BCWG will develop a student exchange agreement between StFX and UVM for long-term research collaboration on biogas sensing technology development. Finally we will prepare for long-term research phases whereby certain equipment would be acquired by UVM to outfit a technical group to undertake mobile gas survey projects. Teams would seek additional funding from US DOE, USDA, US Forest Service and industry, continuing to work closely with StFX/Glowink to ensure scientific development of the gas sensing technology and enhanced capabilities such as additional gases and particle sensing capabilities.

Submitted by: Biogas Collaborative Working Group (BCWG) – a collaborative group between University of Vermont, St. Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia), and Glowink (a Vermont company based in Montgomery Center)

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