Pitch Summary:

Specialized, dynamic, competitive, clear, and strategically located electric vehicle charging
rates and infrastructure will encourage new private investment and increase use of electric
vehicles in Vermont. Smart and consistent rate design can accelerate widespread
transportation electrification, achieve ratepayer benefits, reduce dependence on fossil
fuels, and reduce climate pollution. Rates should be stable and understandable and provide customer choice.

Vermont should implement a strategic transportation electrification effort by:
Authorizing and encouraging electric utilities to offer special reduced electricity
rates for electric vehicle charging.
Eliminating statutory and regulatory barriers to competitive or non-utility electric
vehicle charging.
Locating fast chargers in downtown areas in addition to other places where vehicles
are parked for long periods of time (workplaces, home, etc.) rather than primarily
along interstate transit routes encourage and enable Vermonters and visitors to
charge their vehicles while enjoying mainstreet leisure, shopping, dining, and
business opportunities, encouraging smart growth and thriving downtown
Phasing in a small per kWh charge on electric vehicle charging after a certain
number of electric vehicles are deployed to fund road maintenance and repairs
(state transportation fund) to offset revenue losses from reduce fuel sales.
Establishing consumer protections, consistent communications, and education for
electric vehicle charging.
Utilizing the full amount allowed of the incoming VW settlement funds for
strategically located electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
Adopt open-source charging / data protocol to support interoperable information
exchange for transactions and charger operations

Consumers won’t buy an EV if they can’t charge it quickly and cheaply.

Submitted by: Renewable Energy Vermont

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