Pitch Summary:

Permit the EEUs to apply a subset of EEC funds toward electrification, storage, and renewable technologies. These expanded areas keep EEC funding within the
electrical sector (thermal-only measures would remain limited to RGGI/FCM funding). EEC ratepayer benefits include: downward pressure on rates from electrification by offsetting utility revenue losses from efficiency and renewables; storage helps utilities manage duck curve and reduce expenses during peak events; renewables respond to ratepayer interest and could lead to EE opportunities once in the door. Established funding mechanism and program implementers. This concept could increase the EEU impact and counteract declining EE opportunities starting in ~ 2020.

Submitted by: Richard Faesy & Dan Mellinger, Energy Futures Group

[pdf-embedder url=”https://eanvt.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/EAN-Pitch-25-EFG-7-Expanded-EEC-Scope.output.pdf” title=”EAN Pitch 25 – EFG #7 Expanded EEC Scope”]