Pitch Summary:

Vermonters can significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption by replacing trips taken by cars with trips taken with an e-bike–a game changer for transportation by bike. Considering that trips less than two miles account for 68% of all Vermonters’ trips and that 87% of these trips are currently made with an automobile, the opportunity to replace short car trips with trips taken by bike or e-bike is low-hanging fruit with meaningful carbon dioxide reduction results. We propose to motivate thousands of Vermonters to use an e-bike instead of an automobile to travel short distances and to public transit.

We plan to take advantage of Vermonters’ growing interest in commuting by bike (226% increase since 2000) through expanding successful existing programs to every corner of Vermont. These programs include statewide bike commuting workshops, free demo hubs for loaning e-bikes and cargo e-bikes, incentive programs that reward commuters for using their bike or e-bike to travel, rebates for purchasing an e-bike, and bike infrastructure improvements such as bike lanes and intersection markings.

Submitted by: Old Spokes Home, V-Bikes, Skirack, Vital Communities

[pdf-embedder url=”https://eanvt.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/EAN-Pitch-18-Ross-Saxton-Local-Motion-Replacing-car-trips-with-e-bike-trips.pdf” title=”EAN Pitch 18 – Ross Saxton – Local Motion – Replacing car trips with e-bike trips”]