Our 2018 Annual Progress Report will be released on Monday, March 4th. Check this website for a link on Monday.  Then, join EAN and VECAN for a webinar to review the results of EAN’s 2018 in-depth analysis of where Vermont stands in terms of meeting its statutory climate action and comprehensive energy plan goals.


Some things to look forward to in this report:
  • Our most comprehensive overview yet of the status of Vermont’s energy and emissions progress through new and updated full-color graphics
  • In-depth analysis of what it will take to reach our Paris Climate Agreement commitment by 2025
  • An examination of other jurisdictions that have taken economy-wide action to decarbonize, and the impact to their economies
  • More detail on the broad benefits of getting off fossil fuels for Vermont and Vermonters
Note:  Once you complete the form, you will be emailed information on how to join the webinar.

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