Annual Awards

Two awards are presented to EAN members and public partners each year at our EAN Summit.

Berndt award logoThe Anne & Arthur Berndt Award honors Network members who have demonstrated vision, leadership, and commitment to creating a renewable energy future for Vermont. It is awarded on an annual basis to individuals or organizations that have shown bold leadership in support of efforts to transform Vermont’s energy system towards one based on efficiency and renewables.

The criteria for this award include the following:
* Extraordinary vision
* Bold, courageous leadership
* Support for change at a transformative, system-wide level
* Deep investment in relationships and network capacity for change
* Commitment to working across diverse perspectives towards a higher goal
* Time, commitment, and passion for the cause

Submit a nomination for the Anne & Arthur Berndt Award by filling out this form here

The Leigh Seddon Award honors Network members who have:Leigh Seddon award logo

  • made a significant volunteer commitment to EAN,
  • contributed research or analysis that help advance EAN’s mission,
  • and/or mentored newer EAN members or staff

This honors the significant amount of time and effort given, over the long-term, to support EAN and all it stands for in Vermont.

Submit a nomination for the Leigh Seddon Award by filling out this form here

The deadline for nominations for each award is August 30th, 2022.