As a Network that strives to achieve collaborative progress towards our renewable energy and emissions commitments, EAN engages on social media to facilitate informed conversation about Vermont’s renewable energy and climate landscape. These platforms help us share educational materials, research and analysis, news and updates from the Network, and upcoming events. And we want to hear from you, our Network members, partners, and supporters, to further our collective learning and conversation.

As a diverse Network, we know our members, partners, and followers have a diversity of opinions in terms of how to reach our shared commitments, and we ask all followers to be polite and respectful in conversation on these platforms.

As Network staff, we refrain from advocacy in our work. While our Members may use EAN materials to further advocacy, we ask that explicitly political speech or advocacy for a specific bill be limited from our platforms.

If you are seeking to provide feedback on EAN work or products, you will be most likely to receive a response if you communicate by email to one of the core staff members. Please see for current staff contact information.

We reserve the right to delete or hide comments and posts that:

  • Include hate speech, personal attacks, inappropriate content, and/or aggressive behavior
  • Repeat inaccurate or misleading information
  • Are unintelligible or irrelevant
  • Contain solicitations of commerce

Repeated violations of these guidelines may result in a user being blocked from one or all of our pages without notice.

We look forward to engaging in productive conversation!