Energy Inequity and Burden in Vermont

Jennah Slayton Headshot

Jennah Slayton received her BS from Dartmouth College in 2021 with double majors in Quantitative Social Science and French Studies. She is passionate about data-driven advocacy and solutions for the global climate crisis. During her time with EAN, she used Census data to study thermal energy expenditure inequity in Vermont and examined how energy burden varies by income. As an intern for David Gardiner and Associates, Jennah advocated for stricter energy goals and policies to make it easier for companies to purchase clean electricity. She has also conducted published survey experiments to examine constituent reactions to political allegations of sexual misconduct. Jennah is currently pursuing her Masters of Public Affairs at Brown University and hopes to continue seeking just, equitable, and effective climate policy.


Energy Inequity and Burden Slideshow

Below you will find the Lunch and Learn slideshow for a general overview of Jennah’s project. 

Also available to download below is the final report.