VT Sustainable & Equitable School Transportation Program

Presented by: Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur (VEIC), Peggy O’Neill-Vivanco (VTCCC/UVM TRC), Mariah Keagy (VEEP), Veronica Lindstrom (Burlington High School student)

Summary: Vermont lacks capacity and leadership at the state level to address issues related to equity and climate change in school transportation. There are persistent and emerging issues that could benefit from increased leadership, capacity and statewide coordination:

  • School bus electrification
  • Need for safe routes for walking and biking to school
  • Emissions and traffic congestion from parents dropping kids at school
  • School consolidation increasing the need for transportation to address school choice and/or increase travel time on the bus to school
  • Ability of students, who lack transportation, to fully participate in after school activities 
  • Coordination with public transit to increase student and community access to transportation through shared transportation services 

A Vermont Sustainable and Equitable School Transportation Program could provide coordination and information sharing among school districts, technical assistance, best practices, transportation efficiency (ridership) models, and leadership to advance programs and policies that ensure students have transportation options to fully access school choice and activities and can travel to school and school activities in a way that minimizes impacts on the environment, lowers cost, and improves the health and safety of students and the community. A Network Action Team would flesh out and provide actionable recommendations on a statewide program. Details that need further refinement include a program scope of work, where it should be housed, how a program would be funded and how it would interact with school districts and supervisory unions. 

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