What would it take to meet our Paris commitment?

Path to Paris: EAN has modeled one path for how Vermont could achieve our Paris Climate Agreement commitment based on currently available energy technologies and proven best practices.

Getting to the Paris commitment would require all of these efforts, plus 20% more from additional measures. For example, if Vermont put fewer than 90,000 EVs on the road, we would have to make up the difference in another area in order to meet the commitment.

The 20% buffer captures additional carbon reductions necessary by 2025 including:

  • Non-energy related emissions reductions strategies, for instance carbon sequestration in forestry or agriculture.
  • New products or technology advancements that we don’t yet have sufficient data to model, including electric lawnmowers and other off-road and farm vehicles.
  • Reduction in energy consumption due to efficient technology advancements, increased fossil fuel prices, or fewer heating degree days.