EAN has completed significant work in creating a Master Frame to underpin clean energy communications in Vermont. This lays the groundwork for developing a long-term communications strategy to “move the middle” and unite Vermonters in prioritizing our transition to renewables and efficiency in Vermont.


EAN launched a coordinated, communications effort among EAN members tagged “Solar Works!” to support solar energy in Vermont through shared message development and delivery strategies. Elements of this effort included: creating a Media Primer; building a library of more than 100 stories from Vermont businesses, farmers, communities, individuals, and homeowners. These materials are available as open-source material to EAN members and partners.


EAN added to our series of “Energy Champion Videos” that highlight trusted Vermont messengers and real stories about how solar energy has helped their business and communities. These videos are open source materials available for EAN members to use in any way that is useful.


  • SMALL BUSINESS INVESTING IN SOLAR: Highlighting the use of solar at Vermont Smoke & Cure. View the video.
  • COMMUNITY OWNED SOLAR: Featuring the Town of Randolph’s 150kW community-owned solar farm. View the video.
  • COLD CLIMATE HEAT PUMPS: Showing Vermonters how to be more comfortable and how to save money while shifting off fossil fuels. View the video.
  • ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Demonstrating how EV’s can work well for Vermonters by saving money and reducing the use of fossil fuels. View the video.
  • eHOME TOTAL ENERGY RETROFIT: Featuring the innovative whole-home retrofit approach piloted by GMP and NeighborWorks of Western Vermont. View the video.
  • VERMONT ENERGY WORKER: Featuring how the solar industry is an important source of jobs for Vermonters. View the video.
    EAN’s new Community Energy Dashboard provides a powerful source of stories on energy action from Vermonter to Vermonter. More than 150 stories from neighbors, farmers businesses, municipalities and others are now available on the Dashboard for use by members and the public to support progress on renewables and energy efficiency. Read stories about energy efforts in your community!