Vermont Edition Interview on Vermont Public with Connor CyrusTedra Meyer

Live call-in discussion: Vermont is falling behind—and is unlikely to meet—its legally-required emission reductions by 2030. That’s according to a recent climate report from the nonprofit Energy Action Network.

The EAN, which tracks Vermont’s emissions, said the state hasn’t adopted strategies that would lead to the required reductions, especially in its heating and transportation sectors. Vermont lawmakers in 2020 passed the Global Warming Solutions Act, which includes legally-binding emission requirements. But efforts to implement emissions reductions have failed, and if the state doesn’t reach the reductions spelled out in the GWSA, it could be sued.

Host Connor Cyrus will talk with the leader of the nonprofit behind the report about what actions are needed to get Vermont back on track, and how it compares with other states in terms of emissions reduction goals.

Our guest is:  Jared Duval, executive director of the Energy Action Network

Broadcast live at noon on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.