by the EAN Clean Transportation Equity Network Action Team


The EAN Clean Transportation Equity – Network Action Team had a goal of advancing a collaborative process to identify Vermonters’ challenges in the transportation and transit equity spaces and their experiences navigating existing clean transportation programs. In order to do this, they partnered with organizations who could host focus group conversations throughout the summer of 2022 with the communities they serve who experience unmet transportation needs, and/or who may be less represented in statewide conversations around clean transportation. The aim was to hear from Vermonters who experience high transportation cost burden and/or low transportation access, disproportionate transportation pollution, Vermonters with low income, youth, rural residents, those experiencing linguistic isolation, or those experiencing oppression or racism.  This report highlights the outcomes of those focus groups.

For any questions on the research brief or the Network Action Team, please contact Network Manager, Cara Robechek. Her contact information can be found here.