The Community Energy Dashboard

The original Community Energy Dashboard/Energy Atlas was published in 2016 to help towns, businesses, and individuals take action to help Vermont meet our 90% renewable by 2050 goals, and to track our collective progress along the way. The Dashboard was designed to track progress toward the Comprehensive Energy Plan, and was created prior to passage of Vermont’s Global Warming Solutions Act in 2020 and the creation of the 2021 Vermont Climate Action Plan.


Due to technical challenges, costs, and limits to data availability, the original design of the Community Energy Dashboard became unsustainable. In 2023, the decision was made to transition some of the key features and metrics to a new, updated dashboard tool, designed to have a more simple, user-friendly interface.  

That process was completed in early 2024, with the publication of the new Vermont Energy Dashboard. This tool continues to provide free and open access to data and information on energy progress at the local level.

EAN is continually working to expand and improve upon the data tools and dashboards that we offer. All of our data dashboards can be accessed at