The Vermont Energy Dashboard was published in 2016 to help towns, businesses, and individuals take action to help us meet our 90% renewable by 2050 goals, and to track our collective progress along the way.

The Energy Atlas

The Energy Atlas remains a useful tool for Vermont communities.

The Atlas is still updated semi-regularly, in partnership with utilities and the Department of Public Service.   This tool allows you to:

  • identify, analyze and map existing and promising locations for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects
  • quickly compare per capita statistics
  • see annual changes by energy category
  • view all statistics for your community
  • utilize a timeline feature to visualize progress over time
Why was the Dashboard Developed?

Towns across Vermont were asking for concrete ways, based on transparent information, to make clean energy and efficiency choices at the local level, and to accelerate action by learning from their neighbors.  The Dashboard provided communities with free and open access to official data, maps, and information that had never before been made available at the town level.

Past successes of the Dashboard
  • Mapping tools aided local and regional energy plans (Act 174). Maps can be created, shared, and saved
  • Training was provided to all 11 Regional Planning Commissions and 60 towns in using Dashboard tools
  • Over 13,000 energy-saving or renewable energy actions were recorded by Vermonters across the state
  • Energy Campaign tool was added to help communities mobilize action and generate pledges. Used for Efficiency Vermont’s Button Up campaign, the Climate Pledge Coalition campaign, and the Weatherize Montpelier campaign Customized energy checklists for municipalities, businesses, organizations, and individuals
  • Profiled 215 energy heroes across Vermont
Turning 90% by 2050 into local action

Many thanks to the support of VLITE, Efficiency Vermont, the US Department of Energy, and other important funders.

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