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One of the troubling findings of recent public health research has been that communities  with higher exposure to particulate pollution, especially black communities, are experiencing higher COVID-19 hospitalizations and death rates. Fossil fuel combustion is one of the leading sources of particulate matter in the U.S., especially from coal-fired power plants and

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At the end of February, Vermont’s unemployment rate registered 2.4 percent – the lowest in the nation. Now, with both Vermont and the nation headed for double-digit unemployment, the question of how to create durable, well-paying jobs will be as important as ever.

In this context, it is worth highlighting the importance of

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Electric charging cost less and is more predictable

As the chart above illustrates, drivers of gasoline and diesel passenger vehicles are subject to wide price swings from month to month and year to year.

Electric vehicle charging costs are lower and much more stable. If a driver can utilize one of the off-peak charging

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