EAN Summit further details, energy news, and a meeting with our Climate Workforce Network Action Team!

Total Energy News August 2022
Your Update on Vermont and National Energy News
We hope you are planning to join us for the 2022 EAN Network Summit on Thursday September 22nd in Montpelier! Please register soon so that we can make sure to have enough food, coffee, and chairs for all. Lower pricing ends September 7th. 
The EAN Summit is your opportunity to:
  • Connect and reconnect with other Network members and public sector partners,
  • Hear the newest key findings from the 2022 EAN Annual Progress Report for Vermont on Emissions, Energy, Equity, and the Economy (which will be released in September),
  • Learn about state level initiatives to equitably reach our climate and energy goals,
  • Discuss EAN Network Action Team progress,
  • Help choose Network priorities from pitches that strive to make breakthrough energy progress, while creating a more just, thriving, and sustainable future for Vermonters,
  • Celebrate 10 years of EAN at our closing reception and dinner.
Please also consider nominating individuals who have demonstrated vision, leadership, and commitment to EAN’s ideals, for one of our two annual awards – The Anne and Arthur Berndt award and the Leigh Seddon award! The deadline for nominations is August 30th.
Thank you!
Cara and Jared
News from the World
Democrats Designed the Climate Law to Be a Game Changer. Here’s How.
Despite last minute battles to remove the language, the Inflation Reduction Act includes stipulations that it is in the EPA’s charges to regulate greenhouse gases as pollution. This effectively counteracts the decision of the Supreme Court earlier this year, as Congress has now clearly articulated that it is in the agency’s duties as part of the Clean Air Act.
New York Times
In Maine, heat pumps are proving themselves even against extreme cold
The key finding: “New research by Efficiency Maine is showing that standalone systems can deliver comfort and cost savings even in subzero temperatures.” With currently more than 60% of Maine’s home heating systems burning oil, this spells good news in comfort and efficiency in the state’s home electrification strategies, with air-source heat pumps the centerpiece.
Energy News Network
The EV charger that drops from the sky
Particularly for those that don’t have a garage of their own (37% of the nation according to the Dept. of Energy), a new prototype system utilizes utility poles and certified parking spots to allow for on-street EV charging. Furthermore, cities like Seattle can prioritize equity in this process, by installing chargers in disadvantaged neighborhoods and soliciting community feedback in their specific placement.
E&E News
Data Download and Network Action Team Profile: Climate Workforce
Vermont’s climate workforce is made up of approximately 18,900 people who work at least some of the time in climate mitigation, adaptation, or resilience. This includes the 17,502 clean energy workers documented in the 2021 Clean Energy Industry Report, plus climate workers in other sectors such as agriculture and land management, waste management, public transit, education, financing and philanthropy, and selling and servicing electric equipment.
Reaching our climate requirements will require a significant increase in Vermont’s climate workforce. For example, we currently have about 770 people working in weatherization as field workers, office staff, and energy auditors, but we may need more than 6,200 people in those careers by 2030.
A significant increase in workforce requires long-term, ongoing funding sources to allow businesses to have confidence to expand. It requires training and support for workers and employers. And it also highlights the need for wrap-around services for workers, including affordable housing, transportation, and childcare. 
The EAN Climate Workforce Network Action Team has been working on articulating climate workforce needs. Anyone interested in being part of the discussion about growing our climate workforce are invited to an in person meeting on September 8, 10am-noon in Montpelier. Please contact Cara for more details, or if you would like to provide feedback but are unable to attend that meeting.
Events and Opportunities
EAN Annual Summit
Registration is open for the EAN Annual Summit on Thursday, September 22nd. Register now, and nominate an EAN member or public partner for one (or both) of our Annual Awards!
EAN Climate Workforce In-person Meeting
Join us for an in-person meeting in Montpelier of the EAN Climate Workforce Coalition on September 8th from 10am to noon. Please contact Cara for more details about this discussion or to provide thoughts if you are unable to attend.
Button Up Vermont: Kick-off with Efficiency Vermont
VECAN and Efficiency Vermont are co-hosting a virtual kick-off of this year’s Button Up Vermont campaign on Wednesday, August 31st, 12-1:00pm. Join to hear about this year’s campaign– register here.
Efficiency Vermont is Seeking Feedback
Every three years Efficiency Vermont creates a Demand Resources Plan (DRP) for rebates and services Vermont needs to help save money on energy, and lower greenhouse gas emissions in the state. To develop this plan, Efficiency Vermont wants to hear from you! Complete the survey and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win one of three $100 Visa gift cards!
VCRD Climate Catalysts Innovation Fund
The Vermont Council on Rural Development, in collaboration with the Vermont Low Income Trust for Electricity (VLITE) and Vermont State Employees Credit Union (VSECU) invites applications for small grants to support local innovators developing solutions that move Vermont closer to its climate and energy goals. Grant awards will range from $500-$4,000, and can be awarded to a municipality, school, non-profit organization or business for ‘innovative local climate and energy projects’. VCRD is also open to working with potential grantees that lack the organizational infrastructure to accept funds directly. Apply by September 18th: learn more here.
Vermont Climate Council Meetings
All Vermont Climate Council meetings and subcommittee meetings are open to the public, with all details on the Climate Council website.
The Vermont Total Energy Ticker
The Inflation Reduction Act Delivers Affordable Clean Energy for Vermont
The Inflation Reduction Act has been labeled the most significant legislation on climate ever passed by the US. The White House has prepared a briefing for each state, detailing the impacts on energy costs, jobs, electric vehicles, small businesses, cleaner air, and rural communities. You can find the report for Vermont here.
White House Press Release
7 Upper Valley towns join forces for energy
Barnard, Bradford, Norwich, Sharon, Strafford, Thetford and Woodstock have come together in an energy district, to more effectively enact their energy transitions, a process which they note “requires specialized knowledge and sustained attention”. Led by an ‘inter-regional energy coordinator’, the towns now have dedicated support for energy policies and programs.
VT Digger
Building a Greener Future in Lawn Maintenance
Prompted by a former student and the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition, UVM’s Facilities Operations team is now integrating electric mowers into its equipment inventory. Both quieter and much less carbon intensive (an hour of gas-powered operation is equal to 88 cars driving at 55mph), the operations team is now purchasing 15 electric tools.
UVM Sustainability Office
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